International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM


       "Waiting Room" by Godfrey Williams-Okorodus
Thanks to the efforts of the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (IAC) the 6th of February became the International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM. It was part of the still ongoing advocacy work done by the oldest and biggest African NGO and their 28 National Committees.

It was on February the 6th 2003, that the First Lady of Nigeria Stella Obasanjo made a declaration on "Zero Tolerance to FGM" during a conference organized by the IAC. In 2004 the UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights approuved the proposal made by the IAC and adopted this International Day. Since then, each year NGOs and International Organizations use this UN-sponsored day to raise awareness for a cause in need of international civil society's support.
Unfortunately, the importance of FGM and its International Day are not deeply enshrined in people's consciousness.
In order to change this, the Global Alliance against FGM with its partner-organisations will organize Multi-Art Events in Geneva, Switzerland, and in the neighbouring France. These are designed to draw the attention of the International Geneva.



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