FGM - A practice that has to end. Now!


Painting: Jaques Newashish, 2014

Today FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of human rights. Consequently, many countries created legislation and operational structures to ban and abandon this practice.
In order to reduce the damage, FGM is often conducted by medical doctors. In Egypt, almost half of all procedures are done in the medicalized way. The negative immediate and short term consequences may be avoided but not the long term and the psychological consequences. WHO, other international organizations and non-governmental organizations fight against the traditional performance and against the medicalization of FGM.
The eradication of this harmful traditional practice must be absolute. Optimistic activists spread the word of “eradication in one generation” – a vision which is worth every effort to become reality.

Men and women of all cultures should help to reach this goal and our organization tries to facilitate the task. Our activities are designed to gather people and organizations, to inform about eradication models and efforts in the field, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas, suggestions and information.


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