Paul Gérin-Lajoie
[...] As Quebec's first Minister of Education and former President of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) I have unconditionally accepted to be the honorary President of the first ever Global Alliance gathering all actors working on the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). [...]

I call on our provincial and federal health Ministers to support the action of the Global Alliance against FGM, call on to my fellow country men acting in the G8 and G20 to speak up against FGM, I call on all health authorities to put the eradication of this practice at the top of the world agenda [...]

  Swiss Commission for UNESCO
[...] The Global Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation is a Canadian, French, German and African initiative based in Geneva that was created in 2010 to help put an end to any practice of female genital mutilation through various activities held under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO.

The co-founders - Mrs Elisabeth Wilson and Mr Holger Postulart - are actively working to achieve the association's objectives through fund-raising and creating partnerships. We strongly encourage any public or private institution or private individual who Mrs Wilson and Mr Postulart may contact to support this initiative. [...]
Dr Keith Martin, Member of the Canadian Parliament

[...] With the Global Alliance against FGM's unprecedented initiative, men and women around the world will work hand in hand for the eradication of FGM. With world health authorities leading the way, in cooperation with goivernments, religious leaders and legislation through Parliaments, we can lend ouir voice and efforts to support them in this endevaour. [...]

Claudia Cardinale
[...] Je suis fière aujourd'hui d'apporter mon modeste soutien à l'association Global Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation et je vous remercie d'être tous ici au Théâtre du Léman, réunis et solidaires, contre l'intégrisme et pour l'intégrité. [...] Il faut que des actions comme celle de se soir se multiplient et que soyez les messagers de cette cause. [...]  
    GIZ, Germany

[...] After having reviewed your project proposal we are pleased to inform you that GIZ will support the Global Alliance against FGM with a grant to be used for the creation of an university chair on 'Public Health and Human Rights with Focus on Female Genital Mutilation' at the University of Geneva. We are convinced that the research planned helps to close information gaps on FGM and other harmful practices thus supporting decision makers and practitioners in their daily work. [...]
Dr Manuel Carballo, epidemiologist, Professor of Clinical Public Health; Executive Director of the International Center for Migration and Health

[...] I believe this is a very important and long-overdue initiative. As more becomes known about the extremely adverse impacts of this practice and the global magnitude of the problem, I hope more people will understand how dangerous and absolutely unnecessary this practice is. [...]

(read the complete letter of support)

JARO Medien
[...] We as music producers and publishers will support your organization the "Global Alliance Against Fernale Genital Mutilation" and will do so along with the musician Jasper van't Hof and his european-african group "Pili Pili".

It is with pleasure that we put at your disposal free of charge, the song "Jinga Horonja"where the african singer  Mabinthy  Sakho talks about female genital mutilation.


As human beings we are ashamed of the fact that in our enlightened age there are still millions of women and girls being cut. Our respect for all human beings commands us to actively support your actions. [...]

Prof Philippe Chastonay, Prof Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga,
Institut de médecine sociale et préventive

[...] Il est absolument essentiel que la société civile au travers d’associations comme l’AG-MGF s'engage dans la lutte contre les MGF qui sont de part le monde un problème de santé publique majeur qui concerne de centaines de millions de femmes et qui annuellement touche plusieurs millions de jeunes filles. Un engagement d’associations comme celui de l’AGMGF est d'autant plus important que les Etats n'ont pour l'instant montré que peu d'empressement à développer des stratégies efficaces de lutte contre ce fléau. [...]